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​A B O U T    A R N O    P A T I N


Master Piano Craftsman

Designer & Builder

Piano Technology Consultant

Acoustructural & Ergonomic R&D

Leader in Piano Design

Pianist & Organist​​

Arno Pianos LLC
Portland, Oregon USA
Est. 2016
Arno Patin Studios LLC
Ann Arbor, Michigan USA
2007 – 2017
Owner, Technical & Artistic Director
Ateliers Arno Patin
Paris, France

1998 – 2003 


Apprenticeship & Education

Places of Apprenticeship & Academic Education


Atelier Alain Anselm

Organ & Harpsichord Maker

Orléans Area, France

Organ construction, Woodworking Technologies, Keyboards construction, Pipe construction,

Historical Instruments Preservation.  



Rainer Schütze Cembalobau

Harpsichord & Pianoforte Maker

Heidelberg, Germany

Harpsichord & Pianoforte construction.



Ditta Organaria Bartolomeo Formentelli 

Organ Builder & Restorer

Verona, Italy

Restoration of the Cavaillé-Coll Organ Castelnaudary Collégiale, France.



C.B. Fisk, Inc.

Organ Maker

Gloucester, Massachusetts, USA

Pipe & Reeds construction with Roland Dumas,

Master Pipe Maker.



Les Pianos LaBrousse 

Faubourg Saint-Honoré, Paris, France

Piano restoration, Tuning & Regulation,

String manufacturing.



Frédéric Tassart

Concert Tuner & Piano Technician, Paris, France

Piano tuning, Action balancing & regulating,

Concert preparation.


Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne

On-line Class, Structural Engineering

2008 – 2009


Washtenaw Community College

Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA


2004 – 2005


La Sorbonne, Paris

Musical Acoustics & Sound Technologies

1985 – 1986


Istituto Internazionale di Liuteria

Cremona, Italy

Musical Instruments Technology & Design

1977 – 1979


Lycée Paul Valéry, Paris


1973 – 1976


Musical Education

Piano, Music Theory and Harmony with

Alice Blumenthal, Genevieve Theron,

Marcel Bitsch.

Piano, Harmony and Performance with

Emil Ludmer, Joe Makholm

and Eddy Martinez.


30 years of experience in Piano Maintenance & Restoration.
40 years of experience in

Musical Instruments Technology

Master Piano Craftsmanship​
Signature Piano Design & Manufacturing
Restoration of Fine Grand Pianos &
Historical Keyboard Instruments
R&D in Mechanical Acoustics​
Consultant in Piano Technology ​
Custom Parts Manufacturing​
Tuning & Maintenance​
Bass Strings Manufacturer & Distributor
​​Concert Preparation
Acoustical & Structural Engineering

Leader in Piano Design
Piano Tone & Touch Specialist
Piano Scaling Consultant
Fine Piano Restorations
Tuning & Maintenance
Soundboard Design & Manufacturing
Piano Action Dynamic Balancing

Design and Production

Signature Piano​s

Modern straight-strung 9'-4" [2.84]

Concert Grand Pianos.

Contract Technician

Portland State University

Maintenance & Restorations

Specialty Work


Action Regulating

Hammer/Action Replacement

Action Balancing 


Tone & Touch Optimization


Musical Activities
Piano & Music Teacher 
Children & Adults, in partnership with
Elaine Soldo Piano Studio (ESPS Portland)



American Institute of Organ Builders

(Affiliate Member).

Educational Activities

Lecturer at the Piano Technicians Guild

2019 National Convention - Tucson, AZ

& for the MTNA/Oregon Music Teachers Association.

Bilingual Publications on Musical Acoustics

Consultations on Piano Technology





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