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  • My name is Arno Patin.

  • As a pianist and a craftsman, I am passionately dedicated to the care and the optimization of the piano.     

  • I strive to obtain the best possible tone and the most efficient touch out of each instrument I work on.

  • Also, I enjoy sharing with my clients the excitement of the quest for their own beautiful tone and touch.

  • These are my signature services:

  •                                             • Tuning, Voicing, Regulating, Action Balancing

  •                                    • Rescaling & Restringing, Complete Restorations  

  •                                    • Climate-Control Systems

  •                                    • Concert Preparation

  •                                    • Consultation, Expertise, Appraisal


  •                               503 866 7909         arnopianos@gmail.com

  •                         I enjoy contributing to the high quality of our community’s musical experience.

  •                                              Thank you for your visit. I look forward to meeting you.


  • Prior to relocating to Portland in early 2016, I delivered the first commission of my own Concert Grand model, the ARNO® 284

  • [the Two-Eighty-Four]. 

  • With the A-284, the vocabulary of piano architecture has been re-defined and leads the instrument into the new century.

  • Three soundtracks of the A-284 under the next link 'The ARNO 284 - Listen to the A-284' are now available on this site.

  • The ARNO® 284, a straight-strung 2 m 84 (9'4") grand piano, achieves the form in which the concert piano should exist today.
  • Its organic design is based on acoustic research, craftsmanship experience and musical studies, sustained over three decades.
  • An unlikely linkage - from industry to poetry - becomes a successful example of the intricate intimacy between science and art.
  • I can now produce a versatile piano, featuring exceptional polyphonic clarity and sustain, radiating a powerful, refined and sensuous tonal color palette.
  • The A-284 embodies progress in multiple areas of piano technology, and integrates acoustructural engineering with advanced manufacturing methods.
  • From the initial aesthetic vision to the final completion of the first instrument, I dedicated myself to a fascinating ten-year process.
  • Today I am glad to write that the Raison d'Etre of this work has been fulfilled. 
  • The A-284 allows us to express our musical intentions through the interface of a light, well-balanced action with enhanced ergonomic comfort.
  • This premier piano is being enthusiastically received by international concert artists, performers, scholars and music lovers.

    Please check the soundtracks, the photo gallery and the detailed description of the A-284.

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